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4 Out of 10 IAPT Workers Pressured to Alter Results

that is the finding of a survey of 550 current and past IAPT staff , The credibility of IAPT’s claims are in doubt, a referendum of its’ staff is needed.

NHS England is guilty of breathtaking naivety and laziness when it asserted on Radio 5 Live on Wednesday, November 13th, that 7 out of 10 IAPT clients move to recovery and 5 out of 10 recover. They did so without appeal to any independent audit. My own findings published in the Journal of Health Psychology last year suggested that actually the tip of the iceberg recover

Clinical Commisioning Groups (CCG’s) should no longer see NHS England as a compelling source of persuasion in this matter, rather they need to listen to patients and the workers at the coalface. CCG’s should challenge IAPT to have a referendum of its staff at a local and national level, asking:

‘Do you want IAPT to move towards face to face assessment and treatment, as the norm?’ 

with simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ response options. The collective experience of IAPT workers has to be taken seriously. Judging by the stress levels reported by staff in the survey, IAPT cannot seriously maintain that it is  discharging its’ duty of care to its’ staff. 

Dr Mike Scott

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Interesting that the individual defending IAPT during this phone in is the clinical lead of the Oxford Health Buckinghamshire IAPT service. If the reviews of this service on are anything to go by staff welfare is not exactly a priority (a couple of choice quotes from former employees “hostile work environment”, “one of the most demoralising and unhealthy work environments I have ever worked in”, “beware – at your own risk”). Indeed these quotes could sum up IAPT!

I commented on 5 live twitter
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I wish I’d worked for Oxford Trust, sounds idyllic according to their manager. I wonder what the “depression” rates are among his staff?

To me it feels symptomatic of the wider picture – those in senior positions selling a version of IAPT as thriving and healthy with a few ‘bad apples’/whingers, the vast majority of those on the front line reporting severe stress and demoralisation. Something very weird is going on.

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