A Critical Transatlantic Take on IAPT

Dr David Tuller from the University of Berkeley, California has penned a very critical blog on IAPT

two years ago he was one of the authors of a reanalysis of the PACE trial data on the efficacy of CBT for chronic fatigue syndrome and essentially found the data had been fudged.

Dr Mike Scott

2 replies on “A Critical Transatlantic Take on IAPT”

Thanks for raising this here Mike and thanks for highlighting the CanTalk cancer study in the first place. ME/’CFS’ patients are suffering in untold misery from their very real physical symptoms, with some in unrelenting, severe pain, but they receive little help from the NHS. CBT and GET just don’t cut it as treatments for this disease and IAPT therapists shouldn’t be put in the position of having to administer these unsuitable therapies to physically sick people.

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