About CBT Watch

The casualties of our mental health system are varied, examples detailed on this blog include: a mother who has been and continues to be denied access to her 3 children because of an unfounded diagnosis of a personality disorder and the plight of CBT practitioners, one half of whom believe that they are depressed. This site could be like a Field Hospital offering succour to all those in need but who are also protesting about the ‘war/failed system’.

My hope is that many of the participants using the site will be like the ‘war poets’ telling what it is actually like at the ‘front’. But being a ‘whistle-blower’ is exceedingly dangerous and oftentimes there will be a need for anonymity, for example for students on courses.

However the site is primarily about re-construction, a resource for CBT practitioners to draw upon to make a socially significant, ‘real world’ difference to client’s lives combined with a detailing of the necessary working environment.

Dr Mike Scott

June 3rd 2017

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