Antidepressant Manufacturers Claim Independent Evidence of Effectiveness But From NHS Talking Therapies A Deafening Silence

This evening at 8.0pm, Panorama on BBC 1, looks at the debacle of antidepressants, with a quarter of people on them for 5 years. But the antidepressant manufacturer’s protest that there is independent evidence of the effectiveness of their product. However NHS Talking Therapies has ducked under the radar: they make no claim to independent scrutiny, they are not subject to Care Quality Commission inspection and there is not a single publicly funded, independent study of their effectiveness. The cost to the taxpayer of NHS Talking Therapies is over a £1billion a year. My own study of 90 clients going through the Service was that only the tip of the iceberg recover Scott (2018) I brought this to the attention of the BBC some years ago, but instead they chose to listen to the power holders in NHS Talking Therapies predecessor IAPT.

Dr Mike Scott

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I attempted suicide last week and they complained I swore about someone else . At which point I swore at them. Why don’t they just gas us like the Nazis did instead of the government and state persecuting and infantilising us especially autistics. I literally was unconscious and had amnesia. They are ganging in us, I’ve read London inclusions reports. When I’m stressed I have melt down. Unconsciousness and nothingness is good, this life is hell. It’s the state and nhs and established versus anyone they deem inferior or useless eaters. Why don’t you lot reply to me or are you another bogus group pretending to care. The DWP is is going to bully us on UC. I’m not just autistic I’m a cauda equina risk infection risk , fracture risk but hey let’s suggest shelf filling. I have high cholesterol now Several conditions. I’m sick of fighting and I’m sick of being treat like I don’t matter and by not responding to us in here you are doing the same as them treating us like we don’t matter. I litterally have no means to do that suicide method again as they took that. Why save me to just put up with beaurocracy judgement , infantalisation no access to justice. I’m on special measures because I lose it. I want to be dead . Do you understand it . I want means to do it myself . Someone put Dignitas in my fb page. I’m anti capitalist why would I give a profiteering company to do what I can do myself. That method I did was good. It didn’t hurt. Pills was vile though but it didn’t hurt. Why reverse it when the state and DWP and government wants us dead and I want to be dead. Why do that. I rang them because I wanted my cat looked afte. I have no one. No one cares . And I don’t I have nothing to lose. I don’t want TD tremmors. Dystonia. And gag reflex and dry mouth and gaslight , I want the only freedom there is . Death and the way I did it was the best if they hadn’t reversed it. Na they want me raped homeless at 60. They are killing us and leaving us no life. Why not let us go the way we want to.

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