BBC Investigates ‘The Therapy Business’

 with recordings  from an IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Treatment) client, IAPT therapist, myself and the British Medical Association.  The 37 minute programme will be broadcast on Radio 4 on Tuesday, September 24th at 8.0pm and repeated on Sunday, September 29th at 5.0pm.

hopefully this will be a springboard for the expression of the views of those most effected by IAPT, and will lead to a transformation of the Service.

Dr Mike Scott



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I am at a loss to understand why my contribution, that of an IAPT client and those of an IAPT therapist were not included in the broadcast last night. Nor was there a contribution from the BMA or Savoy. I’m waiting for a response from the producer.
It is regrettable that the presenter opined ‘from what I hear the vast majority have had good experiences’. I told them that the recovery rate in IAPT is 10-15% and I gave the producer a copy of my paper ‘IAPT – the Need for radical Reform’ with this data in it see link below:

There is it seems a prejudice against looking at objective independent data. It is very demoralising but the truth will out eventually, must keep going.


I live in hope that the truth WILL out eventually, but it will be way too late for so many people whose lives are being destroyed. IAPT is failing so many people in so many ways – neglecting both those with real mental health problems who could be helped by good therapy and those with physical illnesses by treating them as mental health cases.

I’d be interested to hear what reason/s the producer gives for wasting your time and that of the other contributors. Perhaps they will do a follow-up on IAPT, but somehow I doubt it.

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