Critique of IAPT On BBC News

Here is what I said on the BBC about IAPT’s failure to make a real difference:

type Mike Scott IAPT after clicking link

Dr Mike Scott

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Thanks for the encouragement Marcia and Barry. I really like your graphics summary of IAPT’s data Barry, it speaks volumes. But the way in which IAPT uses changes in psychometric test scores without a) ensuring the score actually relates to a specific disorder and b) without referencing it to a change in score in an active placebo for the same disorder, makes the results meaningless. There is also the completion of the questionnaire at the 6th session in the prescence of the therapist, introducing a demand feature into the final score. I’m going to do a blog on this last point.
I need to sort out how to better make the broadcast available if there were problems with dropbox, thanks for alerting me. We must really keep in touch
Best wishes


Well done Mike! NB I couldn’t get the vimeo link to work but if you enter ‘Mike Scott’ and ‘IAPT’ into the vimeo search then it comes up.

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