Does NHS Talking Therapies Alter The Course of Mental Health Symptoms?

After 15 years of the Service and £10 billion spent on it, we still do not know! If ever there was a matter for Health Ministers, the Office of Budget Responsibility and the Nation al Audit Office, this is it. To date NHS Talking Therapies have only ever taken their own snapshots of clients, discharging them as soon as their scores fall below ‘casenness’ on a psychometric test. But the natural course of anxiety and depression is a waxing and waning. A photo at any one point is next to meaningless, particularly if it is taken by a party with a vested interest in declaring recovery.

In a 2 year naturalistic study, of depressed, anxious and depressed plus anxious patients in the Netherlands,  Penninx et al (2011)  the criteria of recovery was at least 3 months free of symptoms as assessed by a diagnostic interview. This metric ensured that they were looking at how long it took to what could be taken as a real-world change. [A far cry NHS Talking Therapies studies]. With half of depressed patients recovering within 6 months. Half the anxious group recovered by 16 months and half the combined group by 24 months. Of those who remitted a quarter relapsed. Approximately half the population had psychological treatment and they fared no better than those who didn’t. There is no evidence that NHS Talking Therapies clients fare any better than those in the Netherlands or than those attending the Citizens Advice Bureaux.

In my capacity as an Expert Witness to the Court I reviewed 90 cases Scott (2018), some of whom had NHS Talking Therapies treatment before a personal injury and others who were treated afterwards, whichever was the case only the tip of the iceberg recovered. I called for a a publicly funded independent assessment of the Service, 5 years on, nothing, just a rebranding of IAPT earlier this year. 


Dr Mike Scott

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They just keep peddling it. I attempted suicide in June and they still keep peddling it, and I was chucked out my practice and sent to cruddas park. I’m ex TA served . One of the good things I did. They had a 6ft 6 giant who was about 50 stone sat outside the door and I said to him “I guess you are here to intimidate all the MH patients. I notice you cos I’m ex military” he said well you can’t of been that hood as you’ve gone the wrong way” he fucking targeted and put me down on the thing that I did hood with” and it triggerred me . You know I’m autistic. And I said” it’s because I’ve only been in here twice” and you’re a nasty sod” he then started going “ Whooooo whoooo” like your school thug “ that triggerred my feelings of being school bullied. So now they are hiring babooons to intimidate people who have attempted suicide and have previous experience of sexual abuse for woman who are 5 ft 2 with degenerative discs. I’m pretty sure I’m a labrat for how to be as cruel as is subtle and leave people with no option bt death. No wonder 1 in 10 autistics is suicided. I refuse to use the nhs now. I simply think it’s turned into Nazi thugs with no capability of empathy and they have done this dince childhood this cold face. I want you to investigate this and not hide behind a key board pretending you care.

This lot are monsters and Nazis . Get them out mate. Newcastle has the highest suicide rate ask why. Do t just post people emails and ignore our pleas for help. And the fat old semi retired nurse was equally verbally obnoxious. Patronising me. I told him what I thought of the shrink profession . A bunch of middle class bully frauds who know nothing. It’s a made up profession of psyops abusers and gaslighters. Share that with ya mstes. That’s what it is. You do t get respect unless you ram it. They are scum

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