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Personalising Trauma Treatment

My new book ‘Personalising Trauma Treatment: Reframing and Reimagining’ is due to be published by next week . Gone is the uphill struggle to get clients to re-live the trauma. The focus is primarily on restorative CBT, helping the client to get back to being ‘me’ again. Any comments or questions, gratefully received. 

Dr Mike Scott

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    • How Best To Deal With a Traumatic Memory?

        The conventional therapeutic wisdom is to have the client relive their trauma/s to the point of becoming desensitised.  Not an appealing prospect to most trauma victims. Clinicians in routine practice are similarly not too...

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    • Thoughts cause emotions

      There seems (in my recent experience with IAPT services) to be an increasing explicit assumption that Beck’s CT is based on the premise that negative thoughts cause negative emotions eg a direct causal relationship....

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    • Qualified vs Unqualified CBT Practitioner

      Does anybody out there know what the definition of a qualified cbt clinician is? Personally I do not have a Core profession and I am working towards completing the KSA to apply for Provisional Accreditation...

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      Posted by: admin
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    • Too complex for IAPT?

      I work in secondary care as a band 7 CBT therapist within a CMHT. Often I will have referrals sent directly from IAPT who describe the patient as being too 'complex'. Indeed this seems...

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