From Disaster to Functioning

Talk at Health and Wellbeing at Work Conference, NEC, Birmingham March 6th 2018. My key themes are:

  • ‘Saving Normal’ and watchful waiting in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing is unproven and may be harmful.
  • The dangers of trauma focussed CBT/EMDR when a person does not actually have PTSD
  • Daring people to gradually do what they did before – resetting the alarm (amygdala)
  • Poor recovery rate in IAPT for treating trauma responses 10%
  • Ubiquity of rules of thumb for treating trauma victims probably leads to an almost universal low recovery rate
  • Dr Mike Scott

2 replies on “From Disaster to Functioning”

Looks really interesting especially the material around dangers of trauma focused interventions in the absence of PTSD.

There seems to be an ever increasing assumption in some quarters that no harm can come from offering CBT or other psychotherapy even if not needed or suitable!!

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