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IAPT Half Baked

IAPT dominates mental health provision, so you have to be free of its’ clutches to voice dissent.  The        Guardian reported on a  dissident (see link below) ” Before Bake Off, Kim-Joy was a psychological wellbeing practitioner, having done a master’s in psychology………but I’m at a point where the clinical side of mental health isn’t for me. You do a questionnaire with each person when they come in. So they tell you how many times that week they’ve felt low, which is a really weird question. It’s not real. Professionals need it for their data, to see who’s recovering. A lot of people just make up their answers, because they want to sound like they’re feeling better.”
We need an ever rising chorus of dissidents for clients not to continue to suffer in silence. There has to be a commitment to honesty and not fake news e.g ‘51% recovery’. The silence over the true                    functioning of IAPT clients is eerily reminiscent of the silence over ‘shell shock’ in the two world wars.
Dr Mike Scott

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Phew, thank goodness someone is on the case from within. Thanks!

IAPT was being rolled out in Suffolk many years ago as the best thing since sliced bread for Long Term Conditions.

They set up a conference JUne 2009 at Rowley Mile, Newmarket. Regional Long Term Conditions Conference 2009
‘Personalisation and Self Care: Two Sides of the Same Coin?’….

and “Breaking the silo walls down”-the fight to consider everyone’s care holistically. Dr. John Hague, East of England IAPT Regional Clinical Lead……

Well we all pitched in and had “a writ ‘ol barny of a disagreement” about ME/CFS and IAPT! Never the less, they seem to be pressing on……

Yes it is difficult to escape the conclusion that IAPT presses on if money is available for something. I recently saw a release from Liverpool IAPT celebrating the 10th anniversary of their service, despite that I had written to the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning group saying the recovery rate is 9.2% when you do an independent audit using a gold standard assessment,.But you I only got a reply from the Operations Manager whose sole concern is numbers and waiting times.
I am currently writing a paper on IAPT and ME/CFS and long term physical conditions
I am not giving up but it is like wading through treacle
this morning I heard a philosopher ?Prof Roger Scruton talking on radio 4 about political correctness, it struck me that there is a new political correctness, express concern about mental health, particularly stigma and the inequality between physical and mental health , get public figures on your side,seek as much money as you can, get stuck into as many areas as you can if funding allows anyone who questions this should be regarded as weird not the sort of person you want at conferences and papers emanating from this source are given short shrift

Best wishes


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