BABCP Response - NICE Consultation January 2022

IAPT’S Apologists Rule And Brook No Dissent

Peter Elliott, Editor of CBT Today, yesterday e-mailed me ‘It was decided by Paul Salkovskis (President of BABCP) that the magazine would not hold any further responses to Jason Roscoe’s comments. I ought to have made this clearer in the statement. The intention was not to simply shut down further comment, just that the magazine would not be used to host further responses or comments’ on “Has IAPT become a bit like Frankenstein’s monster?”. But there is no other forum within BABCP for such a discussion! This missive confirms that the monster has extensive tentacles choking discussion. In CBT Today articles on IAPT have only appeared from those with a financial connection with IAPT, this necessarily compromises objectivity and limits the extent of any possible criticism. I have long mused that attendance at the BABCP Annual Conference feels a bit like attending a meeting of the Chinese Communist Party, there are it seems disturbing similarities. My colleague Steve Flatt has referred to Stalinesque behaviour.

Dr Mike Scott

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