IAPT’s Dominance of The Mental Health Agenda

interesting blog on this

I have written a and submitted a rejoinder article to the fulsome praise of IAPT in the February issue of CBT Today, I await its’ fate with interest

Dr Mike Scott

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It is interesting to read some of the responses on social media to this piece. I have noticed some people arguing that blogs such as this (and there seem to be more and more) are “IAPT bashing” and demoralise staff. I have worked in IAPT for several years and don’t find anything demoralising about this piece, I agree with much of what is written and feel relieved and in fact quite comforted to realise that I’m not alone in my discomfort at much of what I witness on the front line. There seems to be an attempt from some to conflate any criticism of IAPT with criticism of staff working within the system, presumably in a deliberate attempt to silence debate. It is quite possible to point out systemic problems without this being deliberately misrepresented as criticism of staff.

I totally agree Kojay, the IAPT troops are doing the very best that they can, under very difficult circumstances. The problems with IAPT are systemic and it needs structural change so that staff are not burnt out, without such change burn out will become epidemic and that is in nobodies interest

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