Mental Health Triage Practitioners Don’t Know Who Is Suffering from What, or What Needs To Be Done

The Government’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme has decided to experiment with enabling the public to directly book an appointment with a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP). But IAPT and the Government are keeping quiet, that PWP’s are not trained in making diagnoses nor in providing psychological [ IAPT Manual (2019)]. They have made it impossible for the public to give informed consent. The public are being conned. In the interest of ‘efficiency’, IAPT is by-passing managerial and admin staff. 

For the most part PWPs have nursing or social work backgrounds with a first degree. A recent patient of mine could easily have made direct access to a PWP, I shudder to think what they would have made of his abrupt mood changes, sometimes changed image as he looks in the mirror and periodic disengagement from life. Though not abused himself as a child, he witnessed parental abuse. To put it bluntly they wouldn’t have a clue what was wrong, much less what to do about it. What then is the unique body of knowledge of PWPs?

Given that successive Governments have never conducted an independent audit of IAPT since its inception in 2008, who can say that the billions of £’s service, is value for money? It is to be expected that a service itself will claim itself essential, and in support of this IAPT claims a 50% recovery rate [IAPT Manual (2019)]. But my own independent study Scott (2018) suggests that only the tip of the iceberg recover. As far as mental health is concerned there is no evidence that those  availing themselves of IAPT fare any better than if they had attended the Citizen’s Advice Bureaux. But the CABx is upfront with no pretence at having mental health expertise.  Is the Government running a production line or endeavouring to improve mental health? No answer from the Health Secretary yet.

Dr Mike Scott


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I was speaking to a lady who had been in social services for 30 years and i had been telling her id been asking re trauma support ( she had actually been moved to a new group to support autistics) re learning difficulties team. MH services had misdiagnosed my autism life long. It took me 3.4 years to go through autism diagnosis due to covid. Then they made me wait a year for social services. I had to complain to PHSO about social services degrading me in public , then the manager lied, this is still in process re PHSO level( waiting on PHSO form as the manager basically said one thing on the phone and did the opposite on the letter).
I got that referral yesterday
In 22 years she was the first person that actually listened to me. She said i was highly intelligent . She recognised it was my social and communication skills and i was isolated ( i have physical disability) i live in a semi rural, with a unusable bus service which means i was being stressed re appointments shopping etc and ending up late due to busses. Then i was trying to get a bungalow. After 22 years if having cbt rammed down my throat she said i had PTSD and it was on multiple levels. Most of from my childhood, previous jobs and the NHS. She listened to me an hour and half. She has organised an appointment at my home and i have evidence of the lifelong invalidation of the NHS of me and my character. And intellect. And i also have proof of my qualifications and activism. She had made space for 2 hours. So i will have to sort out my evidence for her. I have had hell on earth earth with physical and MH diagnosis for 22 years. Ive also worked in the NHS and care and was Served TA combat medic and have suffered sex abuse in work and in social life. And psychological and sometimes physical abuse in my childhood. And was seriously bullied as a kid because of my autism. I told her id autodidactically self taught myself UK politics systems and she said i should study sociology because i would ace it. I knew i needed support for trauma and had been asking for it since i was 14 really re school and family violence. And that i was bullied by the services i turned too for help. I changed the local health authorities policy in that they now have to train their clinical staff ( drs and nurses to recognise autism) but it needs to go to all the MH charities ( they ban autistics in melt down for 6 months) when they get ill with melt down because their charity volunteers are not rained in understanding when we have meltdowns and they ask us stupid questions like what do you want us to do. And this is not what we are here for. But when i ask them what they are here for they get offended and banned me from the services for 6 months)( these se people we ring when we feel suicidal or stressed and anxious) because i challenged them. The crisis teams, CaHms staff and talking therapies ( talking therapies managers who i saw finally acknowledge they had been under diagnosing female autistics) need training and i mean care coordinators too. When i had tremors and tardive dyskinesia and was asking for help and didn’t know what it was. I was told to lift my feet help myself. How i was treat was pure evil. I was bullied as a kid about hygiene then i had the DWP, Social services ( twice) MH services and my GPs yearly health check team asking about my hygiene habits. And re traumatising me how i felt as a kid 4 times in 6 weeks. I got kicked out my GP practice for reversing those hygeine questions. On them and they didnt like it. The clinical manager the previous week lied with a smug smile on his face with his arms crossed like a bouncer the previous week. Lied about what was in my notes in front of patients then lied hed email me the contact of CNTW managers which he never did as i want to challenge them and show them the impacts on the lives of woman systemically of misdiagnosed autism (and mine was pretty obvious ) because im unemployed i cannot access lawyers. The legal free system is a nightmare its full of delay distract and liars and i think corruption and patients have to be a mind reader about their legal rights. It is only because i have fought back most of my life and take it to the PHSO they have ( i think) decided to help me. Same with housing. All my life i have had to fight to be heard treat like a human. I was denied welfare i should of had and support life long then they wonder why I’m angry and stressed and anxious. I persisted in my fight to stop it happening to others. It literally crushes every aspect of working classes peoples lives and they do not fully understand the cumulative impact on the persons life.

Thank you for your work in exposing these government and private scam treatment. We must keep fighting Dr Scott

Hi Maria
Thanks for that, but I’m having problems making comments visible on the website, could u please resend and see if that fixes it.
Best wishes

Hi Maria,the technology seems to be working again, I haven’t a clue why it wasn’t, but it is not my strong suit. Unfortunately I think your experience is all too common. I am writing a piece for Mad In America which says we need to get back to basics and walk with clients, as if on a pilgrimage, as professionals just chipping in our pennyworth as best we can, with total equality. It will probably be a few weeks before it is published but will put it up on the blog.
If there is anything I can help with just e-mail me backchannel on

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