‘No Direct Evidence of The Effectiveness of NHS Talking Therapies’

If you disagree, please supply the evidence. The justification for NHS Talking Therapies rests solely on indirect evidence. Primarily the randomised controlled trials cited by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for depression and anxiety disorders. But there is no assurance (fidelity checks) that these protocols have been accurately translated into routine practice. NHS Talking Therapies legitimate themselves by claiming NICE compliance. Whilst this might be excellent marketing, there is no evidence to substantiate it. Further the randomised controlled trials are themselves of variable quality. In a minority of trials there has been blind independent assessment. In principle the high-intensity NHS Talking Therapy Service could have the capacity to deliver these evidence-based treatments. But there is no evidence that this has actually happened – a gap between theory and practice. By comparison the low intensity NHS Talking Therapy Service has the reference base of relatively poor quality studies. Not only is there the problem of a dirth of evidence of compliance with a NICE approved protocol, but the foundations of the low intensity protocols are weak.

All manner of interventions can be made to appear great in theory. But the acid test is what happens in the real-world. Disinterest in this, paves the way for vested interests, whether they be Organisations or charlatans marketing their wares. Organisations readily adopt a volume approach, operational matters: numbers seen, waiting times, become the key performance indicators, with a blind eye turned to value. NHS Talking Therapies acts it seems in its’ own interest and the client does not get a look in. One might ask how matters have reach such an impasse? Professional bodies such as British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (BABCP) and the British Psychological Society (BPS) have advanced NHS Talking Therapies mission at every turn.They have totally failed to critically appraise NHS Talking Therapies.


Dr Mike Scott

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Morning Mike
Thought this would be of interest
One Size Does Not Fit All: Independent Review for NHS Talking Therapies Needed Now
We are calling for:
A thorough independent review and audit of the NHS Talking Therapies
A diversity of talking therapies, including relational therapies, to be made available
A genuine response to community need
Improvement in staff pay and conditions

NHS Talking Therapies Petition
Target 6000

After working in such service for many years i’d say the facade of ‘treatment’ pushed by the therapy industry is completely oversold along with the so called evidence base for any talking and listening service. I don’t think this is the point of services in general, even though many workers believe the hype. I think these systems are more about helping to keep the economic and political show on the road. It does this by largely medicalising, internalising, depoliticising, decontextualising and personalising distress.

Its all about the individual and their misperceptions, faulty thinking, assumptions and behaviours etc. The causes of so much distress if mentioned at all are reduced to a mere trigger for some personal malfunction. Roll this out on mass and it acts as a sort of mass indoctrination system normalising a range of cultural disorders and loading each person with the sense that they must change to fit in with these cultural disorders.

Excellent to maintain the status quo and keep people in line. We are now saturated by the medical model and are losing the ability to describe our normal reactions to these cultural disorders in anything but internalised, medicalised language. Its been an epic failure

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