Expansionism and Mental Health

Writing in 2009 the psychologist Oliver James wrote ‘Two years ago when the Department of Health announced it was investing £173 million in CBT, a press release claimed that the therapy permanently cures half of people with depression. But this was downright dishonest. There is not a single scientific study which supports that claim’. Fast forward 14 years and the re-branded service NHS Talking Therapies have proferred no study to justify the initial claims. Instead, we have a deafening silence. But it is regarded within BABCP and BPS as axiomatic that it is ok to spend a £1billion a year on the Service. This looks suspiciously like expansionism. History is unfortunately littered with such behaviour but it is not confined to nations. All that is necessary, is for expansionists to recruit powerholders, who want to be seen as on the side of the ‘good’ for their own agrandisement, and have no wish to ask probing questions. Enter stage right liberally minded politicians and civil servants. Doubtless many of the great and good in BABCP and the BPS would echo Mr Putin who claimed:


Right? And who is advocating an independent audit of NHS Talking Therapies?


Dr Mike Scott