NHS Talking Therapies’ Claim to Provide CBT

Homework is an essential component of CBT [ Kazantzis (2021) ]. NHS Talking Therapies has never provided any evidence of psychological therapists’ homework assignments. But the Service has been funded to the tune of £1 billion a year. It looks like there is a case to answer with regards to fraud, to say nothing of a failure of governance. NHS Talking Therapies has not done its’ homework.

NHS Talking Therapies scientific pretensions – it offers what for what? There is no clarity about what population the Service is addressing, the accepted mantra is that its clients are ‘anxious/depressed’. But as its’ clinicians do not make diagnosis, the nature and severity of disorders is unknown. No fidelity checks have ever been employed, so it is not known whether the ‘alleged CBT’ actually happens. The scientific endeavour involves reliable categorisation, this is conspicuous by its’ absence in NHS Talking Therapies. It may be an expensive Quack remedy that the power holders are too embarrassed to acknowledge. But what is criminal is not to mount an independent investigation of the matter.

Dr Mike Scott