‘The UK NHS Talking Therapies Fantasy’

was published on May 23rd 2024 by the Spanish Society for Clinical Psychology   in its’ inaugural journal, Psicología Clínica – it is my updated critique of  the Service. My hope is that it will make countries think twice about adopting the UK model. It was a focus of a 1000 strong gathering of the Society in Cadiz. My thanks to the Editor and staff of the Journal, I wish them well in their new endeavour.


In this paper I refute the following myths:

Myth 1 It’s a World Beater

Myth 2 50% Recovery Rate

Myth 3 Real World Lasting Changes

Myth 4 Appropriate for All-Comers

Myth 5 It Delivers Evidence-based Psychological Therapy

Myth 6 Low Intensity Interventions Are Effective

Myth 7 Monitoring Is at the Heart of NHS Talking Therapies

Myth 8 Formulation Is Sufficient, No Need for Diagnosis

Myth 9 It Works Having the Least Qualified Practitioners as Gatekeepers

Myth 10 Talking Therapy Is the Same as Psychological Therapy

Myth 11 It’s Fine that NHS Talking Therapies Has Only Ever Marked Its’Homework

Myth 12 It’s Better Than What Existed Before and Better Than Support – It’s Value for Money


Dr Mike Scott