Is Aggressive Management Endemic in the Mental Health Field?

This week the demise of the construction Company, Carillion was laid at the door of aggressive management – hiding the true nature of performance. Isn’t this what IAPT have done with claims of a 50% recovery rate, when the actual recovery rate was 10% [ Jounal of Health Psychology, ‘IAPT- The Need for Radical Reform ‘  With two thirds of IAPT low intensity workers suffering burnout, as well as half of those in high intensity it looks suspicious.



My experience yesterday  giving a talk ‘From Disaster to Functioning’ [ slides here and ] at the Health and Wellbieng Conference held at the NEC, Birmingham suggests that misrepresentation is not confined to IAPT, I heard of mental health wares such as suicide prevention packages and the Critical incident Stress Debriefing  variant TRIM, being promoted despite a dirth of evidence supporting them. I began writing this blog on the train yesterday coming home from the Conference, as I was getting off the attendant announced “if you see anything suspicious see it, report it sort it”,  it  may be an important dictum for the whole mental health  field.


Dr Mike Scott