No Evidence of CQC Monitoring NHS Talking Therapies and It Is Not Going To Happen Anytime Soon

The Service has talked its’ way into unaccountability for the £2billion cost each year of child and adult mental health services in primary care.  We would never know, but I bet even, MI5 and MI6 have not achieved this feat! Perhaps they might give a webinar to other Government Departments?

On April 5th I received the following e-mail from the CQC:

‘Dear Dr Scott

Thank you for your further email of 22 March and apologies for the delay responding.

Having co-ordinated a search with colleagues I can confirm that CQC does not hold information which you have requested as it is not currently within our remit.  All our inspection reports of services are publicly available on our website.

As previously stated we are working with DHSC, trade associations and other key stakeholders to identify and understand how we may assess and rate psychological therapies in the future and to make sure our legislative powers cover all which needs to be covered, which may include NHS Talking Therapies for Anxiety and Depression previously known as IAPT services.

To assist you with information requests, I would be grateful if you could direct future queries to to ensure your request for information is directed to the relevant department within CQC.

Many thanks


Where does one go from here?


Dr Mike Scott