The National Audit Office Confers With Mental Health Powerholders and Not Patients

Unsurprisingly the surveyed integrated care board (ICB) mental health leads and mental health trusts tell the NAO what a great job they are doing.  The NAO also interviewed mental health stakeholder organisations such as the BPS and BMA. On this basis, the NAO [“Progress in improving mental health services in England”] declared last month, that ‘the government has achieved value for money’. The yardstick used by the NAO was whether the surveyed bodies ‘met ambitions to increase access, capacity, workforce and funding for mental health services’. No attempt to access the voice of the people. 

Interestingly the NAO did not even attempt to make the claim of the prime movers in IAPT Layard and Clark (2015) that the Service costs nothing, due to savings on welfare benefits and physical healthcare costs!  The response of the great and the good in mental health (the NHS Confederation, SANE and Mind) has been, that the report highlights the need for increased funding, to recruit and retain more staff. No awareness that more of the same is unlikely to make any difference to patients.


The report reveals that £752 million was spent on NHS Talking Therapies predecessor, IAPT, in 2021-22. But when the NHS acquired IAPT earlier this year no audit of the latter was conducted. No business would behave in this way. Yet the NAO report re-iterates the target of ‘at least 50% achieve recovery across the adult age group’. No mention that there is no independent evidence that this has ever been achieved. With the best evidence Scott (2018) suggesting that only the tip of the iceberg recover. What sort of auditors are the NAO? Under their watch acquisitions can be made without credible scrutiny.

In 2018 the NAO jettisoned an enquiry into the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Programme. In response to a Freedom of Information request, the NAO responded on February 17th 2020 ‘We commenced work on the IAPT programme in 2017-18. However, the work on this programme was curtailed in June 2018 by the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) of the time in response to changing priorities. The alterations to the work programme were made so that the C&AG could respond quickly on important topical issues, such as work on the UK’s exit from the European Union, the government’s handling of the collapse of Carillion, and on significant NHS spending increases in 2017- 18 on generic medicines in primary care’.

Dr Mike Scott

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Scie are doing surveys on social care but only the staff and not the clients as well.
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“The yardstick used by the NAO was whether the surveyed bodies ‘met ambitions to increase access, capacity, workforce and funding for mental health services’.” To focus for a moment on access, the NHS Long-Term Plan ambition was for IAPT to give access to 25% of the community prevalence of common mental health disorders by 2020-21. The government’s own estimate for CMHD prevalence in England for 2017 was 16.9% of the adult population – 7,600,000. (OHID figures). Assuming prevalence has not fallen between 2017 and 2022, that gives an IAPT access ambition of 1,900,000 adults for 2021-22. In fact, 1,244,000 adults entered IAPT in that year, 664,000 finished a course of treatment, and 296,000 reliably recovered. In other words, only two thirds of IAPT’s access ambition started therapy, only one third finished a course of treatment and one sixth reliably recovered. If this qualifies as meeting access ambitions – well, I really don’t think many of the people suffering depression, anxiety and other common mental problems in the country are likely to agree.

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