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‘We Are Not Going To Give You The Tools To Do The Job’ – IAPT Becomes INEPT

this summarises the blog  from Low intensity Therapist,  James Spiers.

Yesterday I gave a one day workshop on ‘Getting Back to Me Post Trauma’, arranged by the Chester, Wirral and North Wales Branch of BABCP at Chester Rugby Club with over 65 attendees. It went down very well,  what was very striking was the level of demoralisation of IAPT staff, complaints of the numbers of contacts to be made, being hauled over the coals about recovery rates, the meaninglessness of the questionnaires completed and the powerlessness of staff to get their employer to listen. Will do a blog on the Workshop shortly.


Dr Mike Scott

2 replies on “‘We Are Not Going To Give You The Tools To Do The Job’ – IAPT Becomes INEPT”

I read that piece in CBT today. I’m getting a bit tired of professors who have never stepped foot in an IAPT service eulogising about how fantastic IAPT is. As a troop on the front line I’m reminded slightly of Captain Melchett.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training in Chester and found it refreshing to hear the views of some one who is not thoughtlessly promoting commonly accepted views around CBT.

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